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Abdominal stabilisation understanding your body and body alignment!

Do you believe in Abdominal stabilization?

Yes I do!

The target muscles are Iliopsoas - Rectus Femoris (Assisted Adbominal Stabalisation.)

Joints Activation - Hip Flexors

When we raise our legs and do abdominal work in a typical abdominals section of any aerobics class that we might want to attend, In saying that there is a large amount of stabalisation going on. When we reset the legs in Bodypump or any other aerobics class there is a large amount of stabalisation occuring as well.

The correct alignment and position of the body when executing functional abdominal movement should work the TVA and also the External Obliques to them maximal. We want to stabalise the abdominal region when doing Pelvic Tilts and also Reverse Crunches - bicycle Crunches to name a few examples. You need to develop proper alignment control and learn how your body is positioning in supine in any exercise. You need to understand your own limitations Kyphosis and Lordosis to name two common issues that some people have and learn to work with the limitations. This comes from personal learning which is individual. You need to understand your own spinal alignment as well, when you understand this you are able to functionally perform the abdominal stabalisation work in any abdominal exercise safely.

In addition, the right way of doing abdomianl work is alignment - to achieve alignment we need to maintain a neutral spine this means no pressing the spine into the floor (that is where we learn our own spinal alignment.) and work within speific range movements everyone is different, we don't have the same spines.

In addition the stablisation of the abs is important we stabalise them through day to day functional movment. In saying that we use a variety of exercises to properly stablise the abdominals. In Bodypump there are a number or variety of abdominal stabalisation exercises Michael has choreographed into each release. (I have a personal viewpoint.) that the same ab track should be used for a number of sessions so that the client can develop proper execution of movment and get the most out of that part of the class. That is a personal viewpoint.

The breath cycle is also important most people don't know that breath - syncronised with the movement of body while performing Abdominal Stabalisation work is important, the breath cycle needs to be syncronised. Breathing in and out in the right place. It is through proper breathing that we lengthen and contract the muscles. Knowing where to breath in ab work is important, you need to do it right. You need to talk to your Bodypump Instructor about breath control while doing abdominal work in Bodypump.

Understanding the Transverse Abdominus - Rectus Abdominus - External Obliques - Sartorius and their alignment and in conjunction with breath control and proper alignment of the spinal column makes each session doing the abs more intense. If you understand the whole process then the ab section of Bodypump is one of the most important part of the class.

Most people skip this part of the class.

Stay and do the abs section of Bodypump please it is one of the most important parts of the class. Many people skip this part of the class why? The current ab track from release 57 is awesome I love it and it is one well structurted ab tracks. IMO! There have been a number of awesome ab tracks Michael has created in the time he choreographed the releases.


Next in the series the cooldown and why it is one of the most important parts of Bodypump!


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